• Quick-pickled Onions

    Quick-pickled Onions

    This is a great hack to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your food if it feels bland. It goes with everything — baked potatoes, meats, middle eastern foods, beans, bowls, salads, sandwiches. The only limit is your imagination. I usually have this in my fridge on standby.

  • Walnut-cranberry Salsa

    Walnut-cranberry Salsa

    This is my favourite Christmas side. It goes great with turkey or roast duck. But it’s also excellent on aubergines, halloumi, chicken or pork shoulder. It stretches from typical American to French and Middle Eastern. Anywhere where you need some warm, sticky, fruity second fiddle.

  • Aubergine-Walnut Middle Eastern Bowl

    Aubergine-Walnut Middle Eastern Bowl

    The oh-so-flexible middle eastern bowl is everything — it’s sweet, it’s chewy, it’s fragrant and always new and exciting.

  • Corn Soup

    Corn Soup

    This is a great, flexible soup that can range from light-as-a-freather vegan summer favourite to hearty and cozy winter comfort food.

  • Crepes and Pancakes

    Crepes and Pancakes

    Is it a crepe? Is it a pancake? Either way, it is delicious. A Sunday brunch regular.

  • Roasted Root Veggies

    Roasted Root Veggies

    Not a week goes by when I don’t make this recipe. It’s quick! Easy! Nutrition-packed! Pantry-friendly! Works as a main as a side! Great prep item to stretch throughout the week!.

  • Black Bean Soup

    Black Bean Soup

    We love spicy food in my family; I make this soup at least once a month. It’s everything I want from a go-to winter soup—hot, flavourful, filling and infinitely extendable.

  • Greek Eggs with Tomatoes

    Greek Eggs with Tomatoes

    is Greek dish, known as strapatsada, is lesser-known than its Chinese counterpart but equally delicious— also a great way to dispose of an excess of eggs and tomatoes.

  • Borsch


    There are many versions of this beautiful, nutritious soup. This one is relatively thick and a tiny bit spicy.

  • Pizza!


    Who does not love a pizza? Lovely activity and delicious party meal in one!