Eating well does not have to be hard

Simple Delicious Food is a simple everyday nutrition system. We focus on nutrition, environmental impact, waste reduction, affordability, ease and general deliciousness. We polish each recipe to perfection and are not afraid to change our minds so check back often for updates.

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  • Bulgur


    Not a very well-known side, but it’s great as a side for any middle-eastern themed meal or bowl. It works in any recipe where couscous or brown rice would work.

  • Quick-pickled Onions

    Quick-pickled Onions

    This is a great hack to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your food if it feels bland. It goes with everything — baked potatoes, meats, middle eastern foods, beans, bowls, salads, sandwiches. The only limit is your imagination. I usually have this in my fridge on standby.

  • Walnut-cranberry Salsa

    Walnut-cranberry Salsa

    This is my favourite Christmas side. It goes great with turkey or roast duck. But it’s also excellent on aubergines, halloumi, chicken or pork shoulder. It stretches from typical American to French and Middle Eastern. Anywhere where you need some warm, sticky, fruity second fiddle.

  • Aubergine-Walnut Middle Eastern Bowl

    Aubergine-Walnut Middle Eastern Bowl

    The oh-so-flexible middle eastern bowl is everything — it’s sweet, it’s chewy, it’s fragrant and always new and exciting.